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Camp Ripley Environmental Center

Camp Ripley Environmental WildlifeCamp Ripley is proud of its reputation for conserving and preserving its natural and cultural resources. The Environmental Office supports solider readiness through research, guidance, and implementation of sustainable, environmentally responsible practices. Through environmental outreach, thousands of visitors pass through the Environmental office annually to witness their efforts and participate in a variety of field activities. Because Camp Ripley has excelled in its role as environmental stewards, these resources will be available for future generations.

Camp Ripley abounds with plant and animal life unique to central Minnesota. Surveys have identified 565 types of plants, 202 bird species, 41 species of fish, 107 types of aquatic invertebrates, 65 species of butterflies, 51 mammal species, 23 reptiles and amphibians, and 8 mussel species. Wildlife species of interest include the bald eagle, white-tailed deer, black bear, gray wolf, and Blanding’s turtle. 

The Martin J. Skoglund Environmental Classroom is located on Camp Ripley in the Training and Community Center.  Primarily an environmental presentation and interpretive center for visiting groups. This room hosts a variety of representative wildlife specimens that inhabit the installation.  In addition to group tours, the classroom can also be reserved for meetings and small events.  For more information, call 320-616-2720 or visit the website.