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Pine Grove Zoo

Pine Grove Zoo has been welcoming guests since 1913 and are proud to host visitors throughout Minnesota as well as the United States. Pine Grove Zoo is dedicated to promoting educational, environmental and conservation messages while creating life long memories for families and visitors. We realize the importance of family and community and strive to make positive, meaningful and life changing memories, while creatively inserting our enthusiasm for nature.

We invite you stroll along our paved paths to encounter Zebras, Kangaroos, Emus, Bears, Tigers, Bobcats, Cougars and Wolves, as well as native wildlife, at home in their spacious, natural habitats. To enhance your Zoo visit, our interactive petting stable encourages you to recapture the simple wonders of these gentle animals. 

Nestled next to Pine Grove Zoo, amongst the last standing grove of white pines in Minnesota, are serene walking trails as well as a large picnic and playground area.

For group rates and guided tour information, call 320-616-5595 or visit www.pinegrovezoo.com.