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Minnesota Fishing Museum and Education Center

The Minnesota Fishing Museum is not just a collection of old fishing items, but rather a collection of historical possessions that belonged to individuals from across Minnesota who were (and are) a part of the history of freshwater fishing in our state. The museum holds a priceless collection of fishing-related antiques and memorabilia tracking the heritage of freshwater angling in Minnesota.

Presently the Minnesota Fishing Museum displays over 10,000 fishing-related artifacts. A log cabin recreates an old time fish camp at the lake. A large diorama depicts a typical spearing dark house on a frozen lake, complete with a Northern Pike moving in to be taken. Numerous displays showcase the artifacts found in many anglers' tackle boxes throughout the years.

Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and students and children 5 and under are free. For more information, call 320-616-2011, email mnfm@mnfishingmuseum.com or visit the website.